Croatian territorial organization

The analysis of VOE data scientist Nikola Strahija revealed facts that the Croatian Government has not been able to present to citizens for years.

By abolishing unsustainable local self-government units, Croatia can save at least one billion kuna per year.

A member of the VOE, data scientist Nikola Strahija, used machine learning to come up with astonishing data – abolishing the financially unsustainable 430 units of local self-government would save at least one billion kuna a year.

Over the last ten years, the cumbersomeness of public administration and the addition of many local self-government units has been a frequent topic. It was again actualized in the corona virus crisis, when on daily examples, all the absurdity of the division of local self-government units came to the fore. It has become apparent that some of them do not even have the basic things that residents need on a daily basis, and yet they have their own municipality and mayor. Also, there is even an example of a settlement located in two municipalities. Croatia has over 100 units that cannot function without state aid. By merging them, great savings can be made, and these funds can be redirected to many places and projects.

Due to all the above, a member of the association Voice of Entrepreneurs Nikola Strahija decided to make a map of the optimal territorial organization of local self-government units. He did this using machine learning, and used the geolocation and financial reports for 2018 as the basis of logic.

The result is approximately 430 fewer local units and about a billion kuna in savings per year.

Clicking on the new, proposed self-government unit displays all merged units and financial indicators, such as cost per capita before and after, expenditure before and after, total salaries, total benefits paid to citizens, etc.

Check out how the analysis looks like: ANALYSIS