Who we are?

Voice of entrepreneurs is an association of micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, small business owners, self-employed, and employees in the private sector whose goal is to, by giving precise proposals for necessary and urgent economic measures and reforms directed at the Government and public institutions, accelerate the economic recovery of the entire society, and to create a healthy foundation for Croatia 2.0

Voice of entrepreneurs started as an informal initiative of a group of citizens who spontaneously gathered in the second half of March 2020. The initiative was started by a group of entrepreneurs who believed that there were not enough voices from the private sector in the public space. Besides, there was a noticeable lack of awareness of the gravity of the situation and the consequences that are likely to affect our economy, primarily for self-employed, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, covering 70% of private-sector workers.

The communication started in a Facebook group and page, gathering over 45 000 members in 14 days. The initiative is also supported, formally and informally, by a large number of business associations (National Hospitality Association, HURA, Lipa, CISEX, MBA Croatia, Association of Event Organizers and Makers, Women in Adria, CRO.AI…). At the moment, the initiative is the only organization that monitors and transmits the voice of the real sector.

Voice of entrepreneurs is currently the most significant and most widespread association of entrepreneurs in Croatia.

On Friday, April 3, 2020, the initiative became the Voice of entrepreneurs Association.