A board is an informal working body of the Association that deals with specific subjects in VOE to respond to challenges of the particular fields. The Board Coordinator,  appointed by the Management Board, appoints board members.

Economics and Finance Board
Economics and finance Board is responsible for economic analysis, forecasting, and reforms suggestions.

Women Entrepreneurship Board
Women entrepreneurship Board suggests measures to promote women’s entrepreneurship.

EU Funds Board
EU fund Board works on possibilities for EU tenders and distribution of EU funds in the future work of Association.

Hospitality and Tourism Board
Hospitality and tourism Board promotes the rights of hospitality professionals and the fight to preserve tourism.

Event Industry Board
Event industry Board deals with specific challenges and problems that the Croatian event industry faces during and after the crisis caused by pandemics.

Legislation Board
Legislation Board

Board for Activation of State Assets
Board for activation of state assets is responsible for the activation of state assets and turning them to sources for financing the necessary reforms.

Board for Collaboration with Academic Community
Board for collaboration with academic community creates new values and cooperation between the academic institutions and entrepreneurs.

Seasonal Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Board
The Board of seasonal small business owners and entrepreneurs fights against discrimination and underestimating the sector and for equal rights for all workers.

Agriculture and Food Production Board
The Board for agriculture and food production develops recommendations and policies to improve conditions in agriculture.

Beauty Industry Board
The Beauty Industry Board addresses the challenges of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the beauty sector.

Sports Board
The Sports Board is proposing reforms to improve conditions in sports and recreation centers and their activities.

Architecture and Construction board
The Architecture and Construction Board deals with faster building permits, clearer legislation for construction and simple spatial plans.