4 postulates for Croatia 2.0

Voice of entrepreneurs Association has adopted 4 main postulates on which we should base the restoration of Croatian society and state.

#MoreWork—State should not encourage non-working or less work with its tax, law, and other politics—on the contrary! They should promote work, increase turnover, profits, and wages!

#Digitalization—State has nothing to ask from us entrepreneurs and self-employed any document that they issued to us themselves! Digitalize the state administration; you started now, it’s time to finish it!

#LowerTaxation—State does not have to give us entrepreneurs anything, but it should take less because we know the best where to invest the money that we made ourselves!

#MoreJustice—State should be the last to charge! Why do we ask for VAT payment upon invoice collection to become permanent, and not temporary measure? Well, because in this case, the justice system will start functioning, and the state will take all steps to keep it efficient so that they could charge their part as soon as possible! We need an efficient judiciary system!

Following these postulates, the following is crucial:

Tax reform, with the abolition of progressive taxation of labor; turns out that everyone who earns more is penalized and demotivated, and the employer has to pay more for additional charges. We suggest a FLAT RATE 20% tax, with the minimum census (non-taxable part) of 5000 kn.

The level of entry into the VAT system should be a minimum annual income of 1.000.000 kn.

Profits reinvested back into the company should not be taxed.

Encouraging issuance and receipt of invoices, returning tax benefits that the entire modern world has, dentist visits, taking care of children in kindergartens, thus fighting the colossal danger that follows—the grey economy.

Cancellation of ALL parafiscal charges, including mandatory membership fees in chambers and communities.

State Inspectorate—the advisory and supervising body and not the repressive one.

Reorganization and reduction of public administration and local governments, which should be an effective public service.

Of the many trees—Government’s measures, their implementation, all kinds of ideas from all sides and concepts—we do not see a forest! We do not see the critical problem that is happening now. With regulations, bureaucracy, and corruption, the entrepreneurs became a social category, which we are not. Our task is to increase competitiveness, make a profit in the market, increase employment, replenish the budget to have an effective public service, as well as create new values. This is us, these are entrepreneurs, and it is on us to adapt to both existing and tomorrow’s market conditions!